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International Product Locations

In any given program that I have produced there are always a few locations one has to go to. So, here are just a few of them that I have been to while producing for my clients:

SFO = San Francisco
Golden Gate Park
University of California at San Francisco
Marin County

YUL = Montreal
McGill University

IAH = Houston
Texas Medical Center
Galveston Island

UKB = Kobe, Japan
Travel Sites
Shinto Shrine
Kobe Harbor

PEK = Beijing
Beijing University
Great Wall of China
Travel Sites

LGA, JFK = New York, New York
Cornell University
Westchester County
Central Park
RDI =Raliegh Durham
Documentary Sites
Duke University
Wake Forest University

DEN = Denver
Children's Hospital
Documentary Locations

LHR = London
London Sites

EZE = Buenos Aires
Travel Locations
Documentary Locations

ARN =Stockholm
Medical Center
Travel Sites

UME = Umea, Sweden
Local Hospital


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